Why Is My Skin So Sensitive?

Why is my Skin So Sensitive?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and acts as your filter to the world. Throughout your life’s journey you may have found that your skin just reacts differently than others. You may get rashes easier or maybe even the sight of poison ivy tells your arms to bubble up and your feet to run for an oatmeal bath. You may have been put on this earth with sensitive skin or your skin may have become broken down over time. This is the difference between having sensitive skin vs. sensitized skin. 

Sensitive skin vs. sensitized skin - Some of us are born like little peaches. While we may be delicious and full of goodness, our skin is fragile and much more likely affected by our environment. Others of us have had our skin exposed to the nasty elements of the world(sun damage, pollution, second hand smoke etc) and our skin has stopped working in tip top shape to protect us as it should.


Cold-rolling for sensitive skin

Ok, so I was born this way...what do I do now? Welcome to the club! We should have a name...how about the Peach Pals? Or, maybe “The Skin Sensitivistas?” It’s got a ring to it, no? Anyone...? Now that you are part of the gang I am going to share a couple of secrets with you:

  1. Stay away from fragrances - They are unregulated and chemical - heavy (they may have 3,000+ ingredients in them.) They can also be a hormone-disrupter which can lead to problems such as infertility, metabolic issues, diabetes and a whole gang of other nasty conditions. Being that your skin is already sensitive you may be more prone to absorbing the nastiness and putting it into your bloodstream. 
  2. Know your skin care ingredients - stick to all-natural and organic when possible. Use Think Dirty
  3. Avoid over-bathing - Say what? Chelsea, you want me to walk around all stanky? No, but it may be better for you than scorching your skin. Over-bathing can lead to a breakdown of your acid mantle so try to keep showers/baths to under 15 minutes. When you shower, try to make it quick and refrain from melting hot water. Too hot of showers can lead to broken blood vessels and vascular issues and if you are skin-sensitive you will be more prone to these in general. 

The cruel world has ravaged my beautiful, delicate skin...is there any hope?

Nope, you are SOL. Just kidding...it’s all good. Not only can you slow down the damage and signs of aging brought about by the constant bombardment of daily contaminants but you can strengthen your skin and bring it back to it’s youthful, vibrant ways. Here’s 3 gems just for you:

  1. Stop over-exfoliating - You are stripping the acid mantle, the outermost protective layer of defense from the world. If it is over-treated, your skin becomes vulnerable aka sensitized.
  2. Prevention is key - If this is too late for you that is ok...there is still more damage to come that you can fight head on. Prevent that damage by applying a daily SPF and don’t forget to re-apply as needed!
  3. Antioxidants - Help to prevent premature aging and fight free-radicals to combat the damage that has already been done. (Check out Lillian Sophia’s Glow Serum with 6 different antioxidants for a great example of this.)
Lillian Sophia Glow Serum

So, am I sensitive or sensitized??? 

Here’s the ultimate way to find out. First, see a professional and let them know what issues you have been having. Then, start doing the steps above. Take an active approach and start crossing off as many of the symptoms as possible. Then, email me and I will come up with a sure-fire skin care regimen for you to get your skin, healthy, supple and happy!

Love Always,

Chelsea Russell

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