Top 3 Controversial Health Treatments to Avoid in 2019

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Thanks for stopping by! As many of you know, it is my mission to help all of my lovely readers to feel healthy, beautiful and hopefully a bit more at peace with themselves. To help us all get there, I am going to share my insights as a wellness advocate and Esthetician for the last 12 years. And today, Oh I've got a good one for you!

Today's topic is controversial health treatments: which ones to avoid, why to avoid them and what we can do instead. Let's get right to it!

1) Moroccon Butt Lift - Video : 

The treatment - The ancient tradition of "cupping" gone booty-crazy! Heat up large clay pots, burn one bun for a couple of minutes, turn your cheek and repeat!

Why some do it - Swelling and instant lift for short-term plumping of the tush!

Thanks, butt no - Ok truth: having that perfect Kardashian-looking bum is all the rage, I totally get it. Butt, for now let's consider this treatment as one of those instant-rewards vs. long-term-damage scenarios. Please think twice before long-term scaring your body for that one eye-catching night out!

Chelsea's Healthy Alternative - 

Find yourself a certified personal trainer and get to squatting! Or, visit your local department store and head straight for the booty-lifting shapewear- trust me, it exists ;)

2) Ghee Eye Baths - Video : 

The treatment - A dam made from flour dough around each eye to keep in Ghee.  Keep eyes open for a few minutes and let the eye healing goodness soak in! What is Ghee you ask? Ghee is a type of clarified butter consisting of water, milkfat, and milk solids.

Why some do it - Relief of dry eyes and irritation. X-ray vision (jk!)

Eye'd rather not - This is a tricky one. Fans of this treatment will claim that it is an ancient practice that has centuries of positive results...tough to argue that. But at what cost? I'll admit, the treatment alone (regardless of the pros and cons) would be tough for me to sit through. But I'm also super picky about what goes in my eye and if there is a decent chance for infection with any treatment,  I usually will decline. So, while I hope that those that choose to do this treatment find relief and nothing but bright, sparkling eyes...Eye'm out.  

Chelsea's Healthy Alternative - 

Pop a humidifier next to your bed, or your desk at work (they make sure cute portable ones). This can help your eyes to feel less dry.  Also, try using a warm, wet washcloth over your eyes.  Lastly, some eye care professionals may suggest the use of a baby shampoo to gently wash your eyelids- yep! Wash em.  Washing will help those tears to flow through easier by removing oil build-up in the tear glands.

3) Ear Candling - Video : 

The treatment - Lay down and get comfy, maybe put on some JT (who doesn't like JT?!), light a 10" hollowed out candle... and put it in your ear. 

Why some do it - The "draw" is that the heat will create a warming vacuum for all of that built-up ear gunk to be effortlessly gooified and naturally pulled right out.

Huh, come again? -  I can only imagine the difficulty that comes from having excessive built up ear wax. It can be painful and make conversations a nightmare. For that, I totally sympathize. But as far as this treatment is concerned, I am running from this one in heels through a blizzard. According to the FDA the "risk of ear damage and hearing loss is significant." Also, there are tons of other ways to go that don't involve the risk of hearing damage and perming your ear hairs.

Chelsea's Healthy Alternative - 

Uhhh... I got nothing.  Seriously.  Use a Q-Tip?  Wait, I think they say that's a no-no.....I'm going to leave this one up to the professionals for sure and say call your Doc today.

That's it! Please feel free to comment below and let me know what you think! I am more than happy to let the debate rage on about the good, bad and in between of this article but let's keep it positive and no personal attacks (or I will push this shiny red delete button!)

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