I’ve Never Had a Skincare Routine and Want to Start One….Help!!!

You are here because you a.) never had a skin care routine, or b.) what you’re using just isn’t cutting it.  Continue reading if you: “wash with soap and water”, “exfoliate with a washcloth”, or have great products, but are still unhappy with the condition of your skin.

Being the skin care nerd that I am, I could go on for hours about skin care and would be happy to do so.  I will try to sum up my expertise to make sure you’re all on pace for a great basic skin care regimen. 

For now, let’s focus on three basic skin types: dry, combination, and oily. Start by identifying your skin type.  Read on to find out how you can determine your skin type.

When I consult with clients, I often ask this question to determine what their skin type is: If you wash your face at 8 am, what time of day would you notice a shine?  If it’s within 1-2 hours- you likely have oily skin. If by lunch your skin is starting to shine, you can bet on combination skin and no shine ever- you’re probably dry.

Another method is by looking at your pore size.  If you’re asking “what pores?”, everyone hates you and stop reading.- Kidding, we love you and are just super jealous of your tight pores.  As a general rule of thumb, the larger your pore size- the more oil your skin will produce. On the other end of the spectrum, if you seem to have more wrinkles than you think you should for your age, your skin MAY be on the drier side.

No matter what type of skin you have, you still need a routine, and everyone can follow the same basics and tweak them based off of their particular needs.  Your basic 1, 2, 3’s of skin care are cleanse, hydrate, protect. This is for EVERYONE- no exceptions. Most of you will also need to exfoliate, but that’s an easy step and can be combined with cleansing or moisturizing for those of you who like to keep your routine to a minimum (this does NOT apply to me- the more products, the merrier!!)

Also, take note: generally, it can be 4-6- weeks before a product starts showing results.  If you are treating acne, wrinkles, sun spots or have tough or mature skin it could take up to 12 weeks.  Always listen to your skin and if it shows signs of irritation/redness, stop using that product immediately (unless you’ve been told this will be normal for said product) and go back to the basics.

Dry skin:

First, know that there is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin.  Dry skin is a skin TYPE vs dehydration is a skin CONDITION. Your skin type is the skin you were given- thanks, Mom.  Your skin condition is what your skin has become based on the products you’re using, the environment you’re in, water intake, etc.

Dry skin types usually benefit more from a cleanser that is milky or creamy.  Opt for a toner/essence that will help balance your skin’s pH level while also drenching skin with hydration. Search for a mild chemical exfoliant such as lactic acid, or a gentle scrub to use 2-3 times a week.  Exfoliating will help your moisturizer and serums to penetrate deeper. Choose a heavier balm/moisturizer and/or layer a hydrating serum underneath. Follow with SPF!

Recommended products: PCA's Dry Skin Relief Bar, Lillian Sophia's Skin Quenching Mist, and Pure Balm

Combination skin:

Combination skin can be difficult to figure out. Some of you may have to go through a guess and check phase.  If this is the case, remember to use products for a minimum of 4-6 weeks to give them a fair chance. Always, see an Esthetician for a professional recommendation when possible.  This will save you a lot of time and money from guessing on your own. Products recommended may be a higher price point, but in the long run much less than the several bottles you’ve gone through that just end up in the garbage. Combination skin types do well almost any type of cleanser. Choose to layer of serums and moisturizers.  This way you can customize your skin when it’s feeling drier, or if you need to spot-treat that pesky monthly breakout. Follow with SPF regardless.

Recommended products: PCA's Facial Wash, Lillian Sophia's Balancing Mist, and Glow Serum.

Oily skin:

Oily skin can benefit a lot from the double cleansing technique.  The first cleanse removes makeup, dead skin, and surface debris. The second cleanse can pull excess oil from the skin.

Opt for either a clay cleanser, or a highly foaming wash (particularly one with glycolic or salicylic acid) and use an oil cleanser 1-3 times per week (yes- oil cleanser.  Oil attracts oil and this will help to draw the excess oil out).

Moisturize with a lightweight moisturizer or balm.  Yes, even you. Skipping this step will just make your skin MORE oily, for real.  Follow with SPF.

Recommended products: PCA's facial wash for problem/oily skin, Lillian Sophia's sonic cleansing brush and PCA's weightless SPF.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, reach out to experts!  There’s nothing wrong about asking for help!

Email your skin questions and concerns to lillian.sophia.skincare@gmail.com attn: Chelsea, and I will get back to you with answers and product suggestions to set you up on your personalized routine!  






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