How To Prevent My Skin From Drying Out, Naturally.

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Here's today's inspirational quote:

“A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye." -Unknown

Fall is officially here!  But, before you pull out your flannel and switch your cold brew to PSLs, let’s talk about how this shift in weather can and WILL change your skin.  Fight it all you want- but it’s going to happen so embrace the beautifully changing leaves, and brace for the impact this coming season will have on your skin.

The humidity levels in (and out) of our homes are starting to drop. What does this mean? Our body is becoming depleted of the natural moisture the environment has been supplying us with all summer.  What does this mean for your skin? Since your skin is an organ (the largest one, in fact) it will certainly be affected.

What should I be looking for? 

Itchy skin (the kind that has you scratching at night and waking to ashy, scabby legs.  More wrinkles. Say What?! Yep, our skin is more smooth and plump when hydrated. Rashes caused by irritation, loss of water and inflammation.

monkey scratching

Here are some tips to keep more moisture in the air- some sound sillier than others, but still worth a try:

  1. Air dry your clothes.  The wet clothes will release moisture into the air as they dry.
  2. Shower with the bathroom doors open.  So, you may miss out on your steam-room spa experience and freeze to death when you step out, but your sinuses and the rest of your family’s will thank you.
  3. This one is a twofer to help add moisture to the air AND save on your utility bill.  Skip the heated dry cycle on your dishwasher. Once the cleaning cycle has finished, open the door and let the steam roll on out.  Keep it propped open and the water droplets on your dishes will continue to humidify the air as they evaporate.
  4. Invest in a couple humidifiers and actually take the time to refill them.  Place 1 by your bedside, and 1 where you spend the most amount of time during the day.  You can find these at any drug store, Target or Amazon. They range in price, but really any of them will do.

dishwasher facial

Ok, so now that we’ve got that part covered, there are still things you need to do for your skin topically.  Use heavier balms, especially at bedtime to help to lock in moisture. Lillian Sophia’s, Pure Balm will help to do just that without clogging your pores.  It also has magical powers and can heal skin dehydration and eczema if you’ve waited too long- but just don’t wait too long.

We all wash our hands so much more in the winter and overuse alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  I’m about to help you ALL, so just listen close. Keep a bottle of lotion near your sink and apply after every wash.  This tidbit being the most important: Do NOT use a lotion that contains “parfum” “fragrance” “alcohol” or “preservatives”. These are all unnecessary ingredients that will dry your skin out.  These ingredients are added by manufacturers because they are an inexpensive way to water down their formulas. I will save that tangent for another day…

Back to the point.  At the end of each day, as needed, immerse your hands in water as hot as you can stand it, until the water cools (10 minutes or so).  Take your hands out, pat dry and gob on your favorite balm, ointment, cream. By soaking your hands first, it helps to make the skin more pliable therefore, making the product penetrate deeper into your skin.  Bonus: As the water is cooling off, you’re adding more moisture into the air!

I could go on all day, but then you'd take one look at this post and never read it. 


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