How Do I Get Rid of the Bags Under my Eyes?

Chelsea Russell here, your skin-obsessed Estie for the last 12+ years. I can’t stop loving you and have put together this piece about skin around the eyes. You’ve tried expensive creams and quick-fix gimmicks with no luck. Or maybe you’re just now starting to see eyelid skin starting to droop and crepe a bit. Fret not, my friends! I’m here to help and it really doesn’t take much to firm up those puffy eyes and droopy lids.  It really all comes down to small tweaks in your habits, diet and skincare rituals. 

Ok, let’s take the first step because it is the easiest. Here’s a few habits you can get into quickly to get the ball rolling:

  1. Use a cool compress. My go-to is steeping chamomile tea bags and then placing them in the fridge. Apply regularly or as needed.
  2. Stop over-using eye creams/serums.  Too much product can actually make it worse.
  3. Get enough sleep, regularly. (I myself am taking note on this one as I type away at midnight)

beauty sleep


Let’s see what we can eat (and not eat) for long-term skin improvement around the eyes.

Some diet do’s and dont’s: 

  1. Reduce salt intake. Salt creates water retention and lowering it would help to de-puff your eyes (and everything in your body for that matter). 
  2. Drink, drink, drink your water. The new recommended rule is 1 oz of water daily / lb of body weight. 
  3. Eat foods containing high amounts of water: cucumbers, melons, strawberries, etc. 

 drinking water

Now for the fun part. Let’s talk skincare: 

  1. Try Lillian Sophia’s Jade Roller it will de-puff your under-eyes and tighten the skin.
  2. Find a local Esthetician and make a skincare plan. Vermont’s La Bella Derma skin clinic, among others, offer chemical peels that can improve tone, and tighten the skin around the eyes.
  3. Radio frequency treatments as seen in the OxyGeneO+ facial can help to tighten the skin around the eyes.

For some of us, genetics play an awfully mean joke on us and leave us running in circles, trying to find a cure.  We are all born with fat around the eye area. Overtime, the muscles around our eyes weaken, and the fat and start to move down the face towards the lower eye creating these under-eye bags.  For some, surgery is recommended, but for the rest of you, give the steps mentioned above a shot first, before embarking on this expensive surgery

Your eyes are the window to your soul, so let’s make sure that there is a clear view. Thanks for reading and know that I am always here to help. Feel free to  email me and I can help to come up with a customized skincare routine, just for you. You can also comment below with any thoughts / tips that you might have.

The eyes have it.

Love Always,

Chelsea Russell


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